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Good Vibes Only

Oh, 2020... The year that has completely transformed the way we interact with each other has taught us, among other things, if you want something done right you got to take it in your own hands. With that in mind, we’re sharing our favorite vibrators (<— click here to purchase) that got us through the handem... we mean pandemic.    1. Satisfyer Pro 2    2. Satisfyer Partner Plus Remote Control    3. Tush Trainer Anal Vibrator - Intermediate    4. Purple Passion Rechargeable Bullet    5. Rotating G-Spot Rabbit 

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Bring Sexy Back 😝

When Is The Last Time You Made An Effort To Spice Up Your Sex Life? If It Took You More Than 2 Seconds To Answer This Post Is For You! This #NaughtyFriday, we’re discussing ways to bring sexy back into your sex life!✨Wear @NaughtyBrownGirl Lingerie👸🏾✨Incorporate Sex Toys Into The Bedroom (25% OFF w/ code: EROTICA)*✨Do Kegel Exercises Daily ✨Try Positions Weekly (for ideas check out more from our Naughty Thoughts blog)✨Masturbate. Once You Understand What Feels Good, You Can Guide Your Partner.✨Relax. Enjoy The Moment For What It Is.     *some links are affiliate meaning if you make a purchase we receive a small commission. This does not affect your price in anyway.

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Get That Bread. Get That Head. Then Leave.

📝Rules To Being A #NaughtyBrownGirl:1. Get That Bread🍞 2. Get That Head 🙆🏾‍♂️3. Then Leave ✌🏾We’re Kidding Of Course But This #NaughtyFriday, we want to discuss ways to improve your pleasure while receiving oral sex! 🥰1. Trust that your partner is enjoying pleasing you & wants make sure that you are sexually satisfied.2. Explore Your Own Body. No one knows what feels good to you better than you. With that in mind, learn what you like, where you like it, and with how much pressure. By doing this you will be able to guide your partner into helping you achieve a pleasurable experience.3. Get lost in the moment. Allow yourself to relax by not putting pressure on yourself or partner....

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That Juicy Fruit 😉

✨In Honor of our SodaPOP Grapefruit Teddy✨This #NaughtyFriday, We’re going to teach you all about “Grapefruiting”....💋Simply put, grapefruiting is the act of giving oral sex with a citrus fruit.💋Put Naughty, it’s the best present your man has ever recieved. ...🧾What you’ll need:A Grapefruit, Knife, a Towel, and Enthusiasm. 😝✨#NaughtyBrownGirl Bedroom Tip:First, roll a fresh ruby red grapefruit against a hard surface to loosen its texture and tomake it juicy. 💦Then, slice off the navel ends and cut a hole in the middle of the grapefruit roughly the size of your partner’s penis. ⚠️Place your towel down. This is super important if you value your bedding.⚠️ Begin to give your partner a blowjob. Once he is fully erect, slip on the...

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The Art of the Arch

Receiving penetration from behind or doggy-style as it's widely known is a great position to reach your g-spot...that is if you're doing it right! The arch that you create with your back is the foundation to making this postion a success. First, get into the traditional doggy-style position. Then, lean forward onto your forearms and bend your back down into a dip that creates the "U" shape (your partner will appreciate you for this view). For additional comfort, add a pillow underneath your forearms. Lastly, ask your partner kneel behind you and enter you from behind (this will guarantee deep penetration and G-spot stimulation). From this position, they can also stimulate your breasts or your clitoris to amp up your arousal,...

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