Naughty Girl's Guide To Asking for Oral Sex!

Going Down. Eating Pussy. Tasting the Forbidden Fruit. Dining at the Y. Cunnilingus. Whatever you call it, many women enjoy receiving oral sex from their sexual partners. Unfortunately, of those women that enjoy it, a portion of them have trouble asking for it if their partner does not initiate. 

While having conversations about sexual intimacy can sometimes be uncomfortable they are often neccesary especially when desiring specific acts. We've complied some tips to assist you in asking. 

1. Verbally Communicate.

Though asking is a very simple concept it's often an overlooked idea. Simply, request oral sex from your partner. Tell them that is something you would like more of in the bedroom. Explain that you love how it feels when they are tasting you and how much it turns you on to think of them between your thighs.

2.Visually Guide.

Your partner may want to taste you but may be insecure and/or embarrased about their technique. To boost their confidence, allow your partner to watch you touch and tease yourself. As you explore, your partner will the unique opportunity to see exactly what you like directly from the source. Let your partner use your hands as a guide to how and where to move their lips and tonuge. 


If oral sex is something that you truly desire and your partner absolutely refuses to pleasure you in that way. You may need to end the relationship to find someone who will happily perform oral sex on you. Trust us, there are PLENTY of people who enjoy doing so.