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Cum For Me Daddy

Daddy, I Want To Tell You Something 💋⏳There is a common misconception that women desire penetrative vaginal sex that lasts for a long time. 🍆To accommodate this misconception, many men try to prolong ejaculating to avoid ending intercourse “prematurely”*. 😿Engaging in penetrative sex for an excessively long duration can cause:-vagina dryness-soreness-ultimately tearing In other words, when you feel the urge, cum for me daddy. 😘 *premature ejaculation occurs prior to or within about one minute of vaginal penetration. If you are lasting longer than that, you would technically not be experiencing premature ejaculation.

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Beginner Friendly B🍆ow Job Basics🧘🏾‍♀️First, I would suggest that you take some of the pressure off of yourself. This experience should be fun and carefree so don’t overthink it. If you’re reading this, that means that you are actively working to improve your skills! Congratulations! 🥳💧Drink a lot of water. This should be apart of you regular diet (not just days you want to give oral.). Very practical but this will keep your mouth lubricated which will be more pleasurable for the both of you. A general rule for bjs is the wetter the better.😬Try to tuck your teeth (essentially reversed duck lips) This helps to avoid biting or any unwanted teeth grazing.🤛🏾Incorporate your hands to give a handjob and...

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How To Make Your Vagina Taste Yummy

How To Improve The Taste of Your Vagina Drink lots of water daily. Embrace a clean(er) diet. Consuming foods that have natural  sugars make you a taste sweeter. While foods like garlic, onion, red meat, and asparagus can cause the opposite effect. After all, you are what you eat! ☺️Avoid “feminine hygiene” products. Your 😽manages herself (to a point of course), using those products can throw off your PH balance.Bathe daily. You want a clean plate. 😉Understand that your 😽 has a natural taste. It’s completely natural and normal that you don’t taste like strawberry lemonade 😝 Try this routine for seven (7) days minimum to see results. 

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Safe(R) Sex

Safe Sex is Sexy.What is Safe Sex?Safe sex means taking steps before and during sex to prevent you from getting an infection, or from giving an infection to your partner. This could include the use of condoms and/or taking prescribed medication(s). In addition to that, safer sex is when you are aware of your own and your partner’s STI and STD status. Being aware of this information allows you both to make informed decisions prior to engaging in sexual activity together.

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Naughty Girl's Guide To Asking for Oral Sex!

Going Down. Eating Pussy. Tasting the Forbidden Fruit. Dining at the Y. Cunnilingus. Whatever you call it, many women enjoy receiving oral sex from their sexual partners. Unfortunately, of those women that enjoy it, a portion of them have trouble asking for it if their partner does not initiate.  While having conversations about sexual intimacy can sometimes be uncomfortable they are often neccesary especially when desiring specific acts. We've complied some tips to assist you in asking.  1. Verbally Communicate. Though asking is a very simple concept it's often an overlooked idea. Simply, request oral sex from your partner. Tell them that is something you would like more of in the bedroom. Explain that you love how it feels when they are...

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